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PPP – Perfect Plant Pack
For the complete organic growing of 2 plants from veg to crop.


The PPP box contains the following products in mini format:

  • 150 g Startrex – Organic soil improver
  • 4 tabs BioTabs – Organic slow release tablets
  • 10 g Mycotrex – Microbial plant biostimulant
  • 6 g Bactrex – Bacterial plant biostimulant
  • 100 ml Orgatrex – Organic liquid fertiliser
  • 100 ml Bio PK – Organic flowering booster

A kit for growing 2 plants from seed to harvest in a simple and completely organic way. In contrast to our Starter Pack, the PPP kit contains not only Startrex, Mycotrex, Bactrex, Orgatrex and the slow-release BioTabs, but additionally the required flowering booster Bio PK 5-8! Enjoy this so very easy and effective strategy for a healthy growth and exceptional taste of your organic crops.