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Fertilizzante organico liquido
NPK: 5-1-5

  • Stimolatore di crescita e fioritura
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Per verdura. fiori, erbe, alberi e arbusti
  • Perfetto per terra o fibra di cocco
  • Certificato 100% Biologico

Biotabs Orgatrex 1L 1200g

Soluzione vegetale biologica 15-7-8:N:P:K approvata come fertilizzante organico per l’uso con tutte le colture.


ORGATREX Biological Plant Drink 5-1-5

For both the growing and flowering cycle.
Maybe be used as a liquid fertiliser for vegetables; flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs. Use 2 ml per litre of water, with each watering, during the growing and flowering phases.
For potted and in-ground plants.
To be used as a component of the BioTabs organic growing & flowering method.

ORGATREX is made up of ingredients that are approved by the Soil Association and the Control Union.

An Orgatrex/water solution may be stored for two days.

Keep cool, shake well or stir before use.
ORGATREX is approved as an organic fertiliser for use with all crops. This fertiliser contains no animal parts or products.


This product contains; alfalfa meal, mixed molasses, kali vinasse, silicon oxide and rock dust as a basis for available micronutrients.

5-1-5 N:P:K + balanced quantities of Zn, Cu, Ca, Mn, Mg, S, Si and Fe.

Control Union Certified Organic Ingredients.

For optimal results, combine Orgatrex with beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, such as Bactrex and Mycotrex. For detailed instructions and how to gain optimal benefit from BioTabs products, please read the BioTabs ‘Organic Growing’ manual.


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