Rock wool waste will be there for a little slice of eternity, a big reason to start organic farming

This is only a preamble to the book “The Organic Grow Book” from Karel Schelfhout and Michiel Panhuysen. Short biography about the author; Karel Schelfhout told by his co-author Michael Panhuysen. How did his interest in organic gardening begin? And how this has started a journey through organic farming from which there has been no turning back. Karel was born to a family of farmers in the […]

Perma-what? A Holistic Design System Called Permaculture

By Alfred Day Decker, Permaculture Designer, Teacher, and Consultant Have you ever been to a fancy cocktail party and had someone ask you “Just what is this permaculture thing that everyone is talking about”? How awkward if you didn’t know how to respond! Permaculture is a holistic system of design for creating a sustainable human society, and it’s […]