Germany embraces cannabis!

Germany has just taken a big step for the world of cannabis in Europe! With more than 400 votes in favor, the Bundestag has said yes to self-cultivation and the distribution of cannabis flowers through social clubs. But wait, there’s more…!

After months of debates and discussions between experts and the government, Germany has given the go-ahead to complete cannabis regulation. At last! On an exciting afternoon, the Bundestag gave its approval with a majority that makes one wonder if there will be those who do not want a piece of the cake…

The brain behind this advance is Karl Lauterbach, the Minister of Health, and his project not only gives the green light to the self-cultivation of up to three plants, but also opens the doors to all imaginable uses of the plant. And when? Starting April 1st!

Among the points that make up this legalization is the possession of up to 25 grams of flower in public places. Finally you can walk around with the snitch in your pocket without fear! And let’s prepare for the opening of multiple non-profit associations that will be able to distribute products from the plant (albeit with a limit of 10% THC) or sell seeds or cuttings to their members. And what else? Well, the law is going to remove cannabis from the list of prohibited substances. Doctors will be able to prescribe without hindrance from now on!

Karl Lauterbach stated that the current situation is not acceptable, especially with this “worrying criminal black market.” So they decided to confront it in style, by removing the weed from illegality!

But be careful! Not everything is so easy. Although 407 deputies voted yes, another 226 said “no, thank you” and 4 abstained. Now we have to wait for the Federal Council to give final approval on March 22. Although its approval is not necessary, opposition to the law could weaponize it and delay the process considerably.

Expectations are high and, according to Lauterbach, Germany is preparing to boast the happiest economy in Europe with its own legal cannabis market. And that’s not all: The European spring could catch this green fever…

Germans have been debating this law since last year and are now closer than ever to making it a reality. With politicians, health experts and cannabis activists working together, even receiving advice from the Spanish masters of the Confederation of Federations of Cannabis Associations (ConFAC). Let’s hope that the rest of Europe catches this good vibe and joins the legal cannabis club! It’s time to stop hanging around and join the green party!