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BioTabs: Sustainable and High-Quality Agriculture

In the world of organic farming, quality and safety are essential to obtain a successful
harvest. At BioTabs, we are pleased to offer a complete range of organic fertilisers, soil
improvers, and biostimulants. All products backed by the prestigious “Ecocert” Organic
Certification. This certification implies compliance with European Regulation (EU) No.
2021/1165 on products and substances approved for use in organic production.
Additionally, we comply with European Regulation (EU) No. 2019/1009, among other
things, regarding the limits established on contaminant levels for organic fertilisers.

Our commitment to quality starts with a careful selection of raw materials. These raw
materials must have high nutritional value and be considered safe for use in organic
production. On the other hand, the certification process requires that each of these
materials be managed with traceability, allowing us to verify sustainability and quality
from origin to the final product.

Organic products, such as those offered by BioTabs, are subject to stricter regulations
regarding permissible contaminant levels compared to conventional fertilisers. This is
because they are designed for agricultural production practices that prioritize
environmental health. The goal is to produce nutrient-rich harvest that are safe for human

The analysis of our products reveals gratifying results. Our products meet the strictest
limits regarding contaminant levels allowed for organic products. This means, for
example, that the heavy metal content in our fertilizers does not exceed the established
values, a way to support the quality and safety we offer for your crops.

By selecting BioTabs Certified Organic products, you are not only providing the best
nutrition for your plants but also supporting responsible agricultural practices and
encouraging the use of inputs that are safe for the soil, crops, and our health.

With each harvest, we reaffirm our commitment to quality and sustainability.

We grow healthy and 100% organic!