High Yields, Low Hassle

Elevating Your Grow Game with BioTabs Starter Pack

Welcome to a journey through the BioTabs Starter Pack, where nature and science
converge to make your growing experience easy and effective!

Stage 1: Crafting a perfect potting soil with STARTREX.
Introducing STARTREX, our master soil improver. Derived from humified grape must,
this powerful blend teems with nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. It’s the secret
to well-developed soil that provides constant nutrition to plants.

Stage 2: Building on a solid foundation with MYCOTREX.
In this stage, we’ll immerse ourselves in the power of MYCOTREX, a fungal plant bio-
stimulant full of beneficial mycorrhizal spores. This stop will strengthen your plant’
root system and improve nutrient absorption, preparing the ground for vigorous growth
from the outset.

Stage 3: Boosting growth with BACTREX.
Bactrex is a microbial elixir crafted with highly efficient bacteria and fungi, such as
Bacillus and Trichoderma. With a concentration of 1,500,000,000 [CFU/g], it’s one of
the most concentrated products on the market. Bactrex is the cornerstone of your plant
care, providing them with the microbial boost needed to thrive with strength and

Stage 4: Enhancing growth and flowering with ORGATREX.
As your plants grow, nourish them with Orgatrex, our organic liquid fertilizer NPK 5-2-5, 100% vegan.
Enriched with high levels of natural sugars, trace elements, and amino
acids, it accelerates growth and flowering, ensuring robust and healthy crops.

Stage 5: Consistent nutrition with BIOTABS.
Once the ground is prepared, it’s time to nourish your plants with BioTabs, our slow-
release organic tablets. With a perfect balance of nutrients (NPK 12-8-8), your plants
will receive constant feeding throughout their life cycle, ensuring healthy and vigorous

Final stage: Celebrating a powerful, safe and fragrant harvest 100% ORGANIC.
In this final stretch of our path, we’ll celebrate your harvest success with the prestigious
“Ecocert” certification. This ensures our products meet top standards for quality, safety,
and environmental respect. Verify the seal on your Starter Pack!

And thus concludes our thrilling journey through the Starter Pack! Don’t miss the
chance to simplify your growing experience and achieve astonishing results.

Play god with BioTabs… Easy by nature 😉