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Do I need to measure the PH or EC, when I grow with BioTabs?

No need to measure the PH or EC, only if you are over-worried plant nurse, you can check. But remember the soil life is in control and she know what to do better then you...

What water is best to use combined with the BioTabs products?

For the soil life to preform to its highest efficiency use Osmosis water.
Tap water will do the trick, just check if you don’t live in a area with contaminated water.

Tap water with an ec lower than 0,5 is always good to use. As a general rule of thumb: when you can drink the tap water it’s ok to use on your plants.

What soil is best to use with BioTabs?

The best soil to use is a 100% organic soil, unfortunately this is practically unavailable! Try to look in the pro range of the soil producers. Try to find a soil that does not contain any minerals or other artificial fertilisers. When you have found this precious soil, mix it with 50% perlite and 50% organic soil. If you are unable to find the Promix, You will have to sterilise with a light mix.

A light mix from any brand will do the trick.

Don’t buy cheap soil from a garden centre, the ladies are to precious and have to much value to give, so letting them sit in unsanitised soil full of pest and pathogens, is far from ideal. Support your local Growshop!

Can I use the PK Boost Tea together with the PK 5-8, or do I have to choose one?

If you are a big spender and have enough funds, and are looking for the maximum results out of your plants. Then yes, you can use both products together, for superior results.

If you want to use one of these products, for the most terpy and dank weed we advise to use the PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEE, which needs to be brewed first for 24/36 hours, so this needs some preparation and work.

If you like it easy and fast, and want to be sure production goes up in a organic way, use BIO PK 5-8 which is a ready to use organic liquid booster, that you can apply right away.

If you are going to combine the 2 products, Please brew the PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEA first, when the tea is ready after 24/36 hours. Add 3 ML per litre of water (compost tea) and you will make your brew instantly more potent. Add some BACTREX to the mix for even more soil life activity.

Can I re-use the soil and/or pots I have already used with BioTabs?

Yes indeed you can, and if you do, you won’t regret it. Our philosophy is building a happy healthy soil by only using compost micro-organisms and bacteria.

The bacterial colonies and mycorrhiza web that have developed during the first grow/flower cycle will still be present in the soil when you will re-pot, after your initial harvest. And instead of them having to re-establish again, they are fit and ready for action, improving the soil quality significantly. You will see that the second and third grow with the same soil, the plants have a flying start, due to the already present and very active soil life.

Soil preparation: Take your previously used soil, lets use a 10 Litre pot as an example to demonstrate. Remove the upper part of the soil, the top 5/10 cm. (3/4 Litre of soil)

This top part of the soil we call the rhizosphere, actually it’s the most important part of the soil. In this upper part the majority of the soil activity takes place, a heavy feeding frenzy of bacteria and micro organisms eating each other and producing bacteria poo that get eaten by other bacteria plus 100s of little creepy crawlies.

Replace the top part of the pot with fresh new soil 50% soil / 50% perlite, containing enough STARTREX, SILICIUM FLASH, MYCOTREX and BioTabs. Water this pot with a healthy amount of BACTREX and ORGATREX and your plant is ready to rock for 4 weeks with only water.

The bottom part filled with old roots and other micro-organisms and bacteria will be more then happy with the presents of a new plant and root system they can feed of and give food, the old roots will be totally consumed by the soil life and is good natural resource. Nothing goes to waste.

When I use the SILICIUM FLASH is ORGATREX still needed and vice versa with the: Just Add Water Strategy?

In the first place SILICIUM FLASH was invented for the large scale growers that, can only feed their plants through a water only drip system (to be a 100% sure nothing gets clogged up) and to have the least amount of work possible. So the ORGATREX is not needed with this strategy, but when you are a plant loving freak and you want your ladies to preform as well as possible. It is advised to frequently give extra water with the ORGATREX, this will only improve your soil life, as there is more organic material available for the soil life to consume. resulting in wider variety of organic materials to digest by the soil life, stimulating the growth and flowering.

It is not possible to overfeed or burn the plant when you use the ORGATREX, when you stay within the parameters provided on the label, don’t exceed the directed amount, please.

If you use the ‘Just add water’ strategy you can also mix-in a little SILICIUM FLASH to your potting soil. Stick to the prescribed quantities. SILICIUM FLASH contains a lot of quick release nitrogen. That is why it is also a good product to use to solve nutrient deficiencies. Use SILICIUM FLASH in this case for top dressing.

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