Soil life

BioTabs, Easy by Nature

BioTabs is a recently developed smart strategy for organic growing, which is based on convenience, efficiency and quality. Organic growing sounds complicated, but is essentially the simplest and purest way to grow. In nature, insects, soil fungi and soil bacteria break down animal and vegetative residue. Those insects, fungi and bacteria make up the so-called soil organism. The soil organism breaks down organic material and transforms it into food for plants. In this way, dead plants and animals constitute a food source for new life.

Outdoors in the open soil

The basis for organic growing is the use of compost, or other decomposed organic waste. The soil organism converts the compost into natural plant food and humus. In the last few years, there have been many developments in the composting field. Bokashi, worm composting and even black soldier fly compost and compost tea are inspiring many growers. Adding extra soil bacteria and soil fungi enables the soil to break down more organic material and transform it into food elements for plants. In this way, the soil becomes an NPK factory that works 24/7! Healthy soil organism has another advantage. Some fungi (Trichoderma) protect plants from pathogens. Other fungi (Mycorrhiza) work with the plant and stimulate the growth of the plant’s root system.

Indoors: BioTabs

Not everyone can or wants to produce their own worm compost, or bokashi. In addition, the use of growing lights for indoor situations demands a lot from plants. For situations that demand a lot from plants, BioTabs has developed a special organic plant food line, based on innovation and simplicity. The line consists of super-compost with a slow-release source of organic nitrogen added to it. BioTabs also adds innovative bio-technologies, such as mycorrhiza and other soil organisms to the growing method. The use of those soil organisms makes BioTabs a particularly efficient strategy for organic growing. BioTabs has been tested extensively in the field and is already generating many very happy growers.

Quick and easy

BioTabs makes organic growing very simple. A grower prepares the potting or coco soil in the pots in just minutes with BioTabs soil organism, food and humus. After that, the plant can go into the pot and all the grower has to do is water it until the harvest. Easy as pie! Watering can be automated with the sophisticated BioTabs strategy; for example, with the Auto-pot system. The BioTabs strategy is a way of growing that saves a lot of time and can virtually never go wrong. But, of course, convenience is not the only criterion that matters; BioTabs especially guarantees a high quality yield. BioTabs is a very suitable strategy for organic growing for indoor growers and for growers that grow in containers, in soil and in coco soil.