In Thailand, the use of cannabis for medical purposes was legalized in 2018. Thailand was the first in Asia to legalize its use. The plant has long been used by Thais to cure various ailments but was now also available for recreational use. Although the decriminalization of adult-use cannabis in Thailand came into effect, it […]


Water is the most precious natural resource on the earth. Plants, animals, and human beings, all need water to survive. Most weather patterns are controlled by water. Oceanic tides create regular seasons for plants and crops. Even human seasons are affected by the change in seasons in the oceans. Water is crucial to the survival […]


Both boosters complement greatly: While the Bio PK is a liquid fertilizer, the Compost Tea supplies with plenty of beneficial bacteria providing with additional minerals for the plants. When using the BioTabs Classic Strategy, stop supplying the Orgatrex and Bactrex with the watering once you begin administering any of the boosters. You can also spray […]


Soil is the most complex and diverse ecosystem in the world. In addition to providing humanity with 98.8% of its food, soil provides a broad range of other services, from carbon storage, greenhouse gas regulation, water filtration, to flood mitigation. But soil is a finite resource, and rapid human population growth coupled with increasing consumption […]

The Organic Mindset, Part II: Permaculture, one of the Solutions

By Alfred Decker, Permaculture Designer, Teacher, and Consultant “Take your time. Observe. Cultivate a critical mind. Reflect. Learn.” – Karel Schelfhout, the founder of BioTabs and co-author of The Organic Grow Book. – How can the following suggestions help us to turn the vicious cycle of unsustainability into a virtuous one? Let’s break it down with […]

The Organic Mindset. Part I: The Problem

By Alfred Decker, Permaculture Designer, Teacher, and Consultant We are now living in the “Anthropocene”, a time when the influence of human behavior on the Earth is so significant as to constitute a new geological epoch. Of all the ways that humans have transformed the planet, agriculture is the biggest. Humans began plowing and tilling […]

How does Circular Economy apply to organic agriculture and gardening?

By Alfred Day Decker, Permaculture Designer, Teacher, and Consultant A Circular Economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. Examining the entire agri-food system from a Circular Economy perspective reveals opportunities at all levels for the production of food and a whole range of other goods that humans depend […]

Why energy-efficient LED lights are experiencing a massive market boom?

By Alfred Day Decker, Permaculture Designer, Teacher, and Consultant In my previous blog post Perma-what? A Holistic Design System Called Permaculture, I proposed that “organic agriculture is great but it often doesn’t go far enough. For instance, if indoor growers are using organic fertilizers but also growing with high energy sodium lights which contaminate the environment after […]

An important aspect of organic farming is observation and learning.

Piece taken from The Organic Grow Book written by Karel Schelfhout. Many customers are hooked by appealing labels and promises. And yet it is far more important to know what, exactly, the package or bottle sporting them contains. Ingredients such as coconut fibres and peat moss may be organic, but are you really sure you […]

Worm Composting for the Home Gardener

By Alfred Day Decker, Permaculture Designer, Teacher, and Consultant Some people know me as the “Moses of Urban Worm Composting in Barcelona” because a decade ago I started using worms and microorganisms to convert organic waste into a rich fertilizer for plants. Known as “vermicomposting” or simply worm composting. As a Permaculture gardener, it’s one of my favorite techniques for […]