From modern farming to modern agriculture

In nature, nothing is lost; everything is transformed. Plants feed animals, animals enrich the soil, and the soil generates plant growth. They all depend on one another; the cycle is complete. Traditional farms – the farms that gave shape to our countrysides – were microcosmos based on this principle of circularity. In barns and in […]

8 Ways To Grow Better Organics With BioTabs

Growing using organics is a great way to produce smooth tasting flowers, super vibrant plants and allows growers to apply a regenerative mind set to their garden. BioTabs specializes in covering all areas organic, so below we explain eight ways to take your organic growing game to the next level using the BioTabs products. 1. […]

BioTabs Organic PK Booster Compost Tea Explained

Why it is beneficial, when to apply and what is necessary to enhance your growing medium, plant health and productivity, completely chemical free using organic compost tea. It is not really the plant that needs the tea, however the beneficial microorganisms that are bonding with the plant in harmony. As compost breaks down and changes […]

A symbiotic Relationship With Plants

We are all aware of how prolific the root zone of a plants can grow and how effective Hemp is for cleansing the Earth. However, did you know that there is an organic helper who not only helps the root zone, but creates a symbiotic bond between the food web in the soil and the […]

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Bacteria Explained

Before getting into the details of how aerobic bacteria live, it is first necessary to know the difference between aerobic and anaerobic. As the name suggests one needs oxygen to function and the other does not. Aerobic bacteria, in this case, are the ones that require an oxygenated environment with a higher pH. In our BACTREX and MYCOTREX […]