BioTabs SeedPlugs – More than just plugs!

Strengthen your seedlings with beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi!

This kit, consisting of the 12-cell seedbed and the Startermix bio nutrient solution, gives your plants the best start.

Startermix is a unique blend of microorganisms that incorporates essential elements for the germination of your seeds and seedling development. Startermix dissolves quickly and easily in irrigation water, allowing for easy application and giving your plants a truly healthy start.

The product contains a powerful trio of components: beneficial Bactrex bacteria, Mycotrex mycorrhizal spores and an exceptional variety of algae. This combination boosts the formation of robust and vigorous roots right from the start. In addition, this microbial arsenal acts as a protective shield, protecting seedlings from pathogens that may hinder their growth.

In addition, this microbial synergy also influences nutrient uptake. The strengthened roots are prepared to capture a higher amount of nutrients, which translates into accelerated and healthy plant growth.

With SeedPlugs you ensure that your seedlings get the best possible start on their journey to maturity – your plants will thank you for it!