The Smurf Growers and their medicinal cultivation

Below, we share the testimony of The Smurf Growers, a group of patients who are specialized in the use of medicinal plant stem tinctures for the treatment of chronic pain and they use the BioTabs range for their crops.

“The Smurf Growers are a small group of medicinal patients who have came together to fight chronic pain! Although, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining…”

“It arose from the need we had to find alternatives to conventional medicine, which not in all cases gave the desired or expected results and didn’t help as we’d hoped for.  That’s why, we set out to look for natural alternatives… And that is how we came to medicinal plants like cannabis”.

“In this long process, we started growing cannabis for medicinal purposes and focusing on strains with high CBD content and minimal THC psychoactivity, as we are people with a rather low tolerance.”

“We then started learning how to grow our own medicine, which did not only focus on cannabis, as we also use tinctures from Artemis Annua, such as arnica, harpagofito, ginkgo biloba and many others, which, together with the Santa, provide us with excellent tinctures and ointments.”

“For us it has been a great discovery to come across a cultivation system like BioTabs. For many reasons…”

“The main one is that, as the name suggests, it is organic. And we need organic products, free of any synthetic chemicals.  Although there are currently many stimulants and fertilizers for plants that we have been using in this long process, finding BioTabs was a paradigm shift in the way we understand cultivation. To begin with, the ease of administering fertilizers and not spending hours and hours making tables is incredible.

“Before, we used to spend hours guessing… how much to apply… how many millilitres per litre… on alternate days… how much pH of the water… EC of the soil…. Calculations and more calculations on an endless number of products intended for fattening, when, in the long run and from our own experience, it is not natural to overfeed plants as living beings. On the contrary, it is precisely by cultivating them in their natural environment and respecting their cycles that they thrive to their full potential.

“When we got to know BioTabs we experienced impressive results. It’s as simple as preparing the substrate where our plants are going to be, introducing the magic tablets, and not having to worry about measurements and calculations “.

“I have to admit that, at first, we found it strange and had our doubts, but we went for the brand and the results are truly impressive. No matter how much we explain, there is no way to understand it until you try it! It’s not only the time saved in not having to calculate quantities and doses, and no longer having to keep track of EC and pH (all headaches), but with BioTabs, the substrate is reused repeatedly, as it has generated a universe of bacteria and micro-organisms that continually enrich and nourish the plants through the roots”.

“It’s incredible! We have already grown three crops without changing the soil and the results are impressive, and you can see that there is not a single deficiency in the plants. The only thing we have had to take care of is to administer chlorine-free water. After that, all that’s left to do is to experiment and AMAZE, Smurf’s holy word.”

“We assure you that it is an amazing experience not having to change the substrate, not having to worry about what is happening to the plant all the time, so you can spend all that time enjoying your organic growing and devoting your attention to continue studying tincture formulations and alternatives for consuming our medicine.”

“It is essential for people with any kind of treatment that everything our body ingests is free, as much as possible, of chemicals.”

“We are currently growing Cotton Candy Kush, from Delicious Seeds, a seed bank that we really like because of the quality of their seeds and their results and because they have been collaborating with us for years, providing us with information and seeds that they believe will help us with our different ailments and needs. We mention this here to thank Juan Carlos for all his support, sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts.”

“Thanks also to BioTabs for helping us on this journey. We will keep you posted on the progress of the most recent crop, which, for the moment, and we are already on our third, is still all advantages.

“Thanks to the teams at BioTabs and Delicious Seeds for encouraging us to share this story!”

From the bottom of my heart,


Smurf Alchemist