Boom Boom Spray 20ml: Your plant’s new best friend

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 20ml tube of Boom Boom Spray.

New format, but the same great product!

This foliar biostimulant is a product that is diluted in water and sprayed on the leaves until it soaks in. It is a pure concentrate of organic matter, organic nitrogen, soluble peptides, plant amino acids and carbohydrates.

As it is absorbed very quickly by the leaves, the effects of Boom Boom Spray are almost instantly visible after application. In addition, this product can be used in parallel with any type of fertilizer: Whether organic, bio-mineral, or even chemical, its application will be a valuable addition to the health and vigor of your plants.

Boom Boom Spray can act in three ways:

– As an anti-stress agent: it helps plants overcome stress caused by extreme cold or heat, low light levels, dehydration, or drought.

– As a nutritional additive: it provides the plant with a nitrogen boost that produces glossy, bright green leaves, especially in the early growth phase. Increases the photosynthetic capacity of the plant.

– As a stimulant: it stimulates productivity, plant growth and mineral uptake.

This product can be used as a foliar spray on both indoor and outdoor crops.

It is truly magical what happens after using Boom Boom Spray.

Your plants won’t believe it but they will be very grateful, super green and shiny.