More than a label, organic certification is a guarantee of quality!

The growing popularity of organic farming reflects widespread acceptance of
sustainability and environmental responsibility. Following this movement in
rise, consumers are often bombarded by brands with endless
claims about environmental friendliness and high quality of various products
of cultivation. However, these assertions should require justification beyond
from the mere promotion of products…

This is where the most demanding consumers can rely on certificates and seals.
of quality as instruments for verifying the ecological integrity of a product.
The presence of these seals on the labeling guarantees that they have been subjected to a
Rigorous audit by independent organizations, complying with the
strictest international standards in the sector. These standards are supported
by European Standards No. 2018/848 and No. 2021/1165, which regulate the production
ecological and product labeling, as well as the application of inputs and substances
suitable for organic production. In this way, it is guaranteed that the ingredients are
natural, sustainable production processes, and that no additives have been used
artificial at any stage of the process.

With more than 25 years of experience in organic cultivation, and more than a decade
consolidating our position in the sector, BioTabs stands out for offering nutrients
of first level, backed by a strict attestation of inputs, Ecocert, easily
identifiable throughout our range. We are excited to say that our products
packed are 100% ecological, and we offer a guarantee of this, which supports a choice
ethics for a broad base of consumers concerned about sustainability and

Do not be fooled…! And thank you for continuing to support your trusted brand!