BioTabs boosters / flowering accelerators – Bio PK 5-8 and Compost Tea

Both boosters complement greatly: While the Bio PK is a liquid fertilizer, the Compost Tea supplies with plenty of beneficial bacteria providing with additional minerals for the plants.

When using the BioTabs Classic Strategy, stop supplying the Orgatrex and Bactrex with the watering once you begin administering any of the boosters.

You can also spray the Compost Tea on the plant leaves, as it will create a protective layer and avoid for hostile fungi to cause damage. Before you put it in a sprayer, filter the tea through a lady’s stockings or fine mesh to avoid clogging. Use a hand pump, no high-pressure pumps. Do not spray any buds or flowers and avoid direct sun on the leaves after appliance.

When growing autoflowering plants, apply the boosters from day 35 on, not before!

Wash throughout with organic soap and water the pipe, airstone and any other tools used to prepare the boosters between one application and the next.

Handwater the boosters to the pots when using the Autopot system, do not add them to the tank!

These instructions are based on a 9-week growth when using LED and 10 weeks when HPS.