New Bactrex formula

Try the new Bactrex formula

Bactrex  is a microbial biostimulant for plants produced with very high-quality raw materials with organic certification.

Bactrex can be identified as the most concentrated product on the market with beneficial soil bacteria and Trichoderma fungi. This product is safe for use on a variety of crops.

These beneficial soil bacteria naturally inhabit the root zone (rhizobacteria). They cooperate with plants to provide them with phosphorus, sulfur, iron, copper, and many other nutrients. In this way, they act as plant growth promoters and generate a progressive improvement of soil properties such as structure, porosity, and water retention.

With the new formulation, Bactrex incorporates a new strain of Trichoderma.

Trichoderma fungi act as biocontrol agents and activators of plant defenses. They protect against pests, preventing the entry of harmful microorganisms, while regulating the hormonal balance that results in optimal development for the entire plant structure such as roots, leaves, stems and buds.

In addition, Bactrex now has an additional content of plant organic matter and humic substances that complement the nutrient supply and improve soil properties.

Bactrex ensures better fruit production thanks to all the above-mentioned benefits.