New Mycotrex Formula

We have improved the Mycotrex formula and now has 250 endomycorrhizal spores per gram

Mycotrex is an inoculant based on mycorrhizae. Formulated as a soluble powder, it contains carefully selected spores. All products used in Mycotrex are of biological origin and of the highest quality.

The word mycorrhiza defines the symbiosis between a beneficial soil fungus (mycos) and the roots of a plant (rhizosphere). These fungi increase the effective surface area of the roots, as they act as an extension of the roots.

This leads to an increase in the absorption capacity of the root system by up to 700%, which means that plants can absorb water and nutrients much more easily and retain them for longer. For this reason, it is very important to add Mycotrex to your potting soil.

It is worth noting that the spore strain Rhizoglomus irregulare, which is present in Mycotrex, generates an excellent symbiosis with cannabis plants.

Rhizobacteria and natural humic acids are other components of Mycotrex to promote initial root development.

Since the fungi, from the mycorrhizal symbiotic relationship, live on the roots of the plants, the product is applied by sprinkling it in the planting hole. The spores will germinate and colonize the root system.

Plants with a good mycorrhizal system are healthier and have a higher resistance to diseases. Therefore, they grow better and survive longer. They will also absorb more valuable nutrients, such as phosphorus, as well as water and they will retain moisture for longer.