The Smurf Growers

Treatment of chronic pain with plants grown with BioTabs

We present the second testimonial signed by Ismael from “The Smurf Growers”, a patients’ collective dedicated to the therapeutic application of medicinal plant mother tinctures in the management of chronic pain. This group has chosen to use the BioTabs range in their crops. (The previous/ first testimonial can be found in this blog too).

“Greetings again!

It is almost a year since we started our journey with BioTabs products, and so far, we have not needed to renew the substrate. We have simply removed 2cm of the surface to get rid of the layer of salts that may have accumulated. We then added a new layer of fresh soil at the end of each growing cycle to further enrich the medium.

The soil microbiota is fully active, which is clearly reflected in our plants. They do not show any deficiencies and their roots colonise their environment quickly.

During flowering, when harvesting, we remove a small round root ball, leaving most of the roots in the soil. We then insert the new seedling into this small hole so that its roots quickly meet the life already established in the previous roots. In this way, they are quickly integrated into the microcosm of Trichoderma fungi, mycorrhizae, and other beneficial soil micro-organisms.

I would like to underline once again what I said before: the ease of growing with BioTabs is something that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. The savings in time and products are a reality, and the quality of the harvest is excellent.

As a group of medicinal patients, we pay special attention to the products we administer to the plants, as these will eventually reach our bodies through the vaporisers. Therefore, BioTabs represents an incredibly satisfying alternative for us. The plants acquire all their organoleptic potential, resulting in exceptional quality.

Tinctures are one of the applications where we most notice the unique potency and flavour of plants grown with BioTabs. In FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) extraction as well, which is what most of the patients in our group use, because of its easy ingestion and fully controlled effects, and because it is sustained release. It relieves pain, muscle spasms and mental disturbances, providing a unique and prolonged feeling of wellbeing – we love FECO extraction!

What never ceases to amaze us is the foliar biostimulant Boom Boom Spray. The vitality and power that young seedlings gain, even without being stressed, is spectacular. We have also applied this product to the cuttings.

In short, we are delighted and want to share our experience through this humble contribution. We hope that many growers can benefit from this simple, intuitive, and extremely grateful way of growing. BioTabs is a gratifying proof of how unnecessary those products are (=synthetic chemicals) that damage the health of the soil and, therefore, our own health”.


The Smurf Growers