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X Air-pump V60


Air Pumps are useful for increasing oxygen supply to your root zone increasing growth rates and yields dramatically.

Ideal aeration system for brewing well your compost tee. Do not use chlorine, but a solution with 3% hydrogen peroxide or another cleaning agent.

  • 10 to 60 litres per minute
  • Oil free design ensures contamination-free air
  • Robust alloy casing absorbs noise for whisper quiet operation
  • Exceptionally low power consumption from only 10 W
  • Suited to both intermittent and continuous duty use

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The V series air pumps are ideal for larger hydroponic tanks and aquariums; they allow several air stones to be run from one pump so that a large amount of water can be aerated at one time. The filter cover on each pump can be removed so that clean air can be drawn from outside the grow room or tank house, making them ideal pumps for both aquatic and hydroponic applications.

  • Robust alloy casing provides whisper-quiet operation.​
  • ​Supplied with a barbed brass connector & manifold.

*Needs to be used with an Air Stone, also available in shop


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