8 Ways To Grow Better Organics With BioTabs

Growing using organics is a great way to produce smooth tasting flowers, super vibrant plants and allows growers to apply a regenerative mind set to their garden. BioTabs specializes in covering all areas organic, so below we explain eight ways to take your organic growing game to the next level using the BioTabs products.

1. Kick Start With Beneficials – Mycotrex / Bactrex

The entire planet runs on bacteria and fungi groups that are reliant on high or low oxygen environments. Plants in the wild will have formed a symbiotic relationship with the indiginous beneficial microorganisms, that has been thriving since the start of time.

Our Mycotrex contains a blend of 9 species of Endo Mycorrhizal spores to kick start that symbiotic relationship with your plants. Bactrex contains Trichoderma. The result of combining these two products will be an increase in root mass by 700%, as well as improving the uptake of minerals and nutrients. There is also seaweed meal and humic acid added to the Mycrotrex to make sure this 100% organic beneficial tonic gives your seedlings or clones the best start possible.

BIOtabs Top Tip: It is possible to mix the powdered spored into your growing medium, as well as brew microbe teas. We also recommend adding a sprinkle of Mycotrex and Bactrex to your plants as a weekly top dressing.

2. Natural Silicon For The Plants – Silicium Flash

Growers often neglect adding Silicon into their nutrient regimen, and oftentimes never see how beneficial Silica is to your plant. Finding a nutrient that provides organic silica with a fine balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium is not easy, however we have made Silicium Flash.

This organic product has an N-P-K of 4-3-3 so is ideal to be added into a growing medium, alongside other hard foods, which are then slowly released over a two month period. The benefits of adding silica to plants is the leaf tissue and foliage will become stronger and have a waxy appearance. Spider mites and white fly find it difficult to penetrate the enhanced outer layer, and it can also be useful when preventing powdery mildew. Silica also promotes fat stems and thick strong branching, resulting in more abundant harvests.

BIOtabs Top Tip: If your garden is under attack from white fly, thrips or spider mites, increasing the plants uptake of Silicon will increase the resistance to attack.

3. A Biological Tonic – Orgatrex

Keeping the beneficial bacteria and fungi constantly happy, is easily done with Orgatrex. Aerobic bacteria and fungi rely on high oxygen as well as carbon rich diet. Humic acid and organic matter that has slowly broken down into liquid state, will supercharge an organic growing medium and encourage the microorganisms to work to their best ability.

Containing alfalfa meal, molasses, kaki vinasse, silicon oxide, and trace elements Zn, Cu, Ca, Mn, Mg, S, Si and Fe, we make sure that by using Ogratrex for yours plants are never short of nutrients. The N-P-K is 5-1-5 meaning that you can expect fast and vigorous growth, whilst stimulating the growing medium to its full potential. Ogratrex should be used together with Mycotrex and Bactrex.

BioTabs Top Tip: You should always add a nutrient solution of Orgatrex when ever brewing tea. The beneficial micro-organisms will metabolise much faster with a source of liquid food present.

4. High Probiotic Bacteria Content – Startrex

A 100% organic soil improver that has a high probiotic bacteria count, as well as silicon, fulvic acid and humus. Three elements that are very important to the lifecycle of a plant as well as regenerating malnourished gardens.

Startrex contains an N-P-K ratio of 3:1:2, and when combined with the other hard foods such as Silicium Flash, guarantee the beneficial organisms present will have a long lasting food source, that they exchange back to the roots. We recommend adding Startex to your growing medium in a fine blend, to allow the entire root zone to benefit.

BIOtabs Top Tip: Use Startrex if you are recycling an old growing medium, and wish to regenerate the soil life back to highly fertile.

5. Our Biostimulant Foliar Spray – Boom Boom Spray

This is our latest product and is made from 100% natural vegan ingredients, amino acids, peptides, glucides and minerals. Boom Boom Spray is designed to enhance foliage and to enrich stressed plants back to full health in a short time.

It is rapidly absorbed by the leaves and should be used during the growing phase of 18/6, and is an excellent remedy for heat stress, cold stress, low lighting, deficient and dry suffering plants. As the ingredients are 100% organic, there is no need to worry about trace levels of inorganic contaminants remaining on the plants, once flowering commences.

BIOtabs Top Tip: Do not use too much on your plants and it is better to make a mild solution and foliar feed more frequently. If you do see any signs of residue, then there is no need to worry and this can be washed away.

6. Boost Those Buds! – P.K Booster Compost Tea

When it comes to growing big buds, enhancing flavours dramatically, increasing trichome and terpene levels, nothing beats our PK Booster Compost Tea. Comprised of bat guano and kelp, as well as Phosphorus releasing Potassium mobilising bacteria.

Aerobic organisms will actually multiple from millions into billions once they are in high oxygen environments such as a reservoir and bubbler. This process takes 24 hours to complete and it is actually the fungi that require the full 24 hours, while the bacteria groups require 5-6 hours. We recommend using Orgatrex, Mycotrex, Bactrex and PK Booster Compost Tea together, in order to achieve incredible results.

BioTabs Top Tip: Plants that have suffered heat stress will benefit most from Boom Boom Spray. Plants both indoors and outdoors recovery extremely well and are able to transpire normally again.

7. Low Maintenance Outdoor Organics – Guerrilla Tabs

Guerrilla Tabs are an outdoors growers’ best friend, when it comes to low maintenance and high results. A powerful 10 gram organic tab that is designed to be placed 5cm into the growing medium and watered. Over time the tab will break down and contain beneficial rhizobacteria and an N-P-K value of 15-7-8.

We highly recommend using Guerrilla Tabs on autoflowering cultivars, as the tabs will provide plenty of nutrition for the duration of the growing cycle. At that point adding only water is necessary, however for best results add Mycotrex and Bactrex to maximise your beneficial bacteria and fungi population. For the low cost of this product and how versatile and practical they are, every grower should have a pack of these stored away.

BioTabs Top Tip: It is also a good idea to break the tabs into a fine powder and mix in with your entire growing medium, to cover as much surface area as possible. One tablet can go a long way and be used to fertilise many plants at once.

8. Autopots With BioTabs

Organics is an excellent way to get your hands dirty and become familiar with your plants, as well as the living cultures that co-exist with in the root zone. Hand watering is part of the fun of organic growing, however there is a very simple way to grow organics with very little maintenance at all.

Autopots are designed for plants bottom feed water or nutrient solution from a reservoir. These systems are fantastic in combination with the BioTabs products Silicium Flash, Startrex mixed into coco or worm castings, with products Mycotrex and Bactrex bubbling in the reservoir. Adding PK Booster Compost Tea to the reservoir for the final few weeks will increase yields and allow you to harvests yields on par with hydroponics!

BioTabs Top Tips: Avoid using anything that is a thick liquid substance such as molasses, when using the Autopot system. It is better to use only water or a solution of Mycotrex and Bactrex with an airstone and high levels of dissolved oxygen.