BioTabs Organic PK Booster Compost Tea Explained

Why it is beneficial, when to apply and what is necessary to enhance your growing medium, plant health and productivity, completely chemical free using organic compost tea.

Why Does Plants Need Tea?

It is not really the plant that needs the tea, however the beneficial microorganisms that are bonding with the plant in harmony. As compost breaks down and changes physical state, there is a continuous cycle between nature and the environment to decompose the organic matter. The more organic matter that a growing medium is exposed to will increase the microbial activity in both the growing medium and improve the richness and fertility at the same time.

Our product STARTREX contains Silica and fulvic acids, and SILICIUM FLASH contains Silica, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. These organic products are designed to be mixed in with the growing medium, so over time these will provide all of the essential elements the plants require as hard food. Another reason why combining organic compost tea with hard foods, is that it creates a growing medium that is supercharged thereby avoiding a depleted environment.

Microorganisms and Symbiosis

If you ever examine the structure of a fully matured root zone, you will notice how the root hairs are designed to branch out and act as antenna that search for air pockets and moisture. When beneficial microorganisms such as BACTREX and MYCOTREX come in contact with root hairs, they will become an extension of the already fine root hairs. organic compost tea is one of the easiest way to treat a growing medium allowing the roots to be constantly drenched with a liquid cocktail of beneficial organisms.

This means that the roots are able to reach the smallest crevices and spaces that are present in the organic growing medium, where they may not have had the integrity to work as efficiently without the microbes and fungi. The ability for the plant to uptake nutrients is at an all time high as well as the opportunity to access more minerals and nutrient in the earth. Another reason why many growers choose to work with organic compost tea.

Why Is Oxygen Necessary?

Oxygen is very important when dealing with bacteria and fungi which is why there are two groups that exist. The first is aerobic bacteria that require oxygen to thrive and then there are anaerobic bacteria that need a low oxygen and high acid environment. A root zone of any plant may be subject to either bacteria and it all depends on the frequency of oxygen and how water logged the root zone can become.

A highly oxygenated water source that uses either an Air-Stone or creates a waterfall motion, will provide plenty of dissolved oxygen to prevent bad bacteria and pathogens forming around the root zone and infecting the plants. Felt pots and pots designed for roots to expose themselves to air also provide plenty of oxygen that passes through the growing substrate creating air pockets, and increasing wet to dry out periods.

There is nothing worse that the aroma of bad bacteria forming in a waterlogged growing medium, which is an easy mistake to make especially if the ratio of perlite to soil is minimal. The aroma is a foul, egg like, Sulphur stench that is very unpleasant and is the first call sign that your growing medium is harbouring unwanted pathogens and aerating and oxygenating the medium must be done as soon as physically possible. These are the first stages of a potential threat that can not only infect the water source, it will attack the root zone and the plant to the point of death.

The process of making our organic compost tea is done step by step with basic biology in mind. The PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEA contains a concentrated blend of bat guano, kelp, Phosphorus releasing bacteria and Potassium mobilising bacteria. These ingredients contains the essential elements to begin reproducing millions into billions of beneficial aerobic helpers that will be present in the water.

Once you have added the PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEA into the bubbling water, which can be achieved with an Air-Stone, the next step is to mix the beneficial microorganisms with a source of liquid compost as food to aid in the metabolising process that occurs within a 24 hours brewing time frame. ORGATREX contains Alfalfa meal, mixed molasses, Kali vinasse, Silicon oxide and rock dust as a basis for available micronutrients such as Zinc, Copper, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Sulphur, Silicone and Iron making it perfect to add to your organic compost tea.

How Important Is Water Temperature?

Temperature is very important and will seriously influence the metabolic rate and the efficacy of your organic compost tea. Cold water will contain more dissolved oxygen than warmer water, however the amount of foam that is normally produced at the surface of the water after 24 hours will be minimal. BioTabs recommend warmer water is used for brewing and aiming for a consistent temperature between 20-24 degrees celsius.

Using an aquarium heater will be sufficient and allow you to find the perfect balance of temperature and dissolved oxygen. It is actually beneficial fungi groups that require a full 24 hour process of brewing time in order to metabolise and reproduce, whilst beneficial bacteria only require a short time of several hours to become a microbial count in the billions. Consistency is key when making an organic compost tea so ensure that both air stone and aquarium heater are both on for the duration. Prevent the heater and especially the Air-Stone from turning off.

What To Expect From Organic Compost Tea

After applying PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEA to your garden, you will notice the plants will respond almost immediately, firstly with a more open structure and leaves turning outwards at 45 degrees. The plant’s health and overall resistance to pathogens and airborne attacks will improve meaning they are less susceptible to that type of harm. The rate of flower production will rapidly increase over the upcoming weeks, as well the trichome production. Terpenes and plant alcohols will become more defined producing a highly aromatic garden that is most pleasing both, aesthetically and aromatically.

One thing that we find most of all from using BioTabs organic compost tea is the final flavours of your dried flowers will be superior in flavour, improving the overall experience. The microorganisms in the growing medium will be optimised, allowing the symbiotic relationship to be at a pinnacle, so growers can use the same medium over and over without the need to invest in new products to enrich their existing medium allowing a saving in money, time and labour.